Don't just talk about your hair ROAR about it

At Roar Hair And Beauty we have a simple mission, which is to make our guests look and feel fantastic!



Here at Roar we know that having to cancel an appointment is something no one likes doing but please give us at least 48-24 hours notice where possible so that we may offer that appointment to another Guest. Only cancelations by phone will be valid please do not. text, email or message on our social media platforms. If however the appointment is cancelled where very little or no notice is given a cancellation fee will be incurred. This fee must be settled before any further appointments will be confirmed and it is set at £10 per hour slot. If you unfortunately have to cancel an appointment with us please do not be offended if we ask for a deposit when you book further appointments. This is to minimize our cancellations and no shows and will be deducted from your final bill. Only a last minute cancellation would result in the deposit being non refundable. The deposit required will reflect on the service booked. Unnecessary time booked on line will be charged for. So if in doubt of how long you will need for an appointment please contact any of our salons where we will be happy to help.


At roar we appreciate and care about our guests who visit us. That is why our skin testing policy is so strict because our guests safety is our number one priority. A skin sensitivity test must be carried out 48 hours prior to all colour services with no exceptions. Guests who regularly have colour services may also require additional skin testing especially if their colour application falls out with a 6 month period or new colouring products are being used. If in doubt of whether you require further skin testing please do not hesitate to contact one of our salons. Your skin test can be carried out in any of our salons even if it is not that particular salon in which your appointment is booked. Please note that if you arrive at an appointment and have not adhered to the above; a cancellation fee will be charged.