Don't just talk about your hair ROAR about it

At Roar Hair And Beauty we have a simple mission, which is to make our guests look and feel fantastic!



Colour Menu

As with any good restaurant the menu has to appeal to you, so here at ROAR we have put together a Menu of the most sought after and up to date techniques available in our salon.

Make Your Hair ROAR!



Get amazing tone and vivid results with our Colour Boosting Colour service. Tone-on-tone colour intensity that creates multi-dimensional depth and reflective tones in a monochromatic colour.

from £50




Get iridescent and holographic effects that you see change and shimmer with light with our Colour Morphing service.

from £50



roar colour washing

Get veils of colour on lighter tones. which can be adhered to be  soft and subtle or more intense.

from £15


Roar Ribbons

Roar Ribbons are strategically placed pieces using a freehand technique. which creates a low maintenance look. This is our very own signature balayage technique and can be as subtle or as dramatic as you like from natural balayage to dramatic ombre Roar Ribbons are the way to go for the low maintenance Guest 

From £45


roar lights

Roar Lights are our most popular service and can be used for a wide variety of effects. for example a strobing effect which would hi light and contour the face or even baby lights that give soft natural brightness. Roar Lights are also used along with traditional hi light techniques to achieve the perfect blonde.

from £25

The Colour MENU is constantly updated so check back for current trends and latest techniques.